The rise of Vegan wines

Posted 2019-05-23 10:21:07

Over the past year we at CAVAVIN have noticed more and more people requesting Vegan wines. Veganism is increasing globally, and as more and more consumers switch to vegan diets for health and environmental reasons, they are also beginning to question the wines they drink. Many big players in the drinks business are following suit, it is noted that Guinness has recently joined a long list of beer brewers to go fully vegan across their range. The wine trade is... read more

English Sparkling Wines

Posted 2019-04-27 17:49:28

It is amazing how English sparkling wine has improved over the past decade, what was once a hobby has become a thriving business, and it’s not just good; it’s very good indeed with many a blind tasting beating the powerhouse that is Champagne. The soil in southern England is similar to the terroir in Champagne. And in little old Hertfordshire we have a few gems dating back to the 1970’s to our latest vineyard releasing it first vintage this year.Three Squirrels... read more